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What is Yoga?

This time of year usually brings more people to yoga, many of whom are complete beginners. With this in mind, I offer my thoughts on what (briefly) yoga means to me. Yoga is a system for us to arrive in this present moment. We deepen our awareness and become more balanced. Through the physical practice the body becomes healthy, strong, flexible and vibrant. Emotionally and mentally we find calm and clarity. Yoga is freedom, as we return to the present moment we experience the true nature or our natural mind and a state of complete happiness. Yoga is an ancient tradition which was developed in India and has existed in some form since at least 500 BCE (quite possibly longer), with the ai

Happy New Year!

Reflections and Intentions New Year - a fresh page, opportunities to explore new ways of being. At this time of year I relish taking time out to look back and reflect on what has passed. I try to embrace all the events, good and bad, which ultimately teach me things. Slowing down and allowing quiet reflection will create space for new intentions to arise. In yoga we often hear about setting intentions. The Sanskrit word for intention is Sankalpa, which is a representation of a desire or positive thought that you want to manifest in the world, a promise you make to yourself. "The sankalpa really describes who we are are and how we move in the world when we're in harmony with ourselv

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