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“The thing you are looking for is the thing that’s looking”


When I attended my first yoga class in my early 20s I knew I had found something which could really change the way I thought and felt: yoga stretched my body and my mind, challenged me, and yet made me feel deeply content, at home with myself.  I immediately recognised yoga as a way to move away from any internal struggles, and develop tools to live a life which is joyful and aligned to a sense of meaning and purpose.  


I have always been a spiritual seeker and keen on learning.  In the 90s I travelled fairly extensively through India and Nepal, a personal journey of discovery inspired by my love of yoga. It wasn’t on my travel agenda, but something compelled me to participate in my first meditation course, which provided an awakening experience. The meditation was the Buddhist technique of Vipassana, in the Goenka style, a 10 day residential silent retreat.  It allowed me to truly experience my mind, and become more familiar with my thoughts and mental habits. Beyond the mind there is consciousness, stillness and peace. The mediation experience opened up and clarified the teachings of yoga, that the awakening comes from the internal experience, and that experience can begin wherever you are right now. 


I first came to yoga 30 years ago, and my personal practice is ever changing and evolving as my life changes. In recent years I have focused on supporting women through the important transitional times of pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. I attend regular teacher training courses and events and draw on the rich and diverse yogic traditions and philosophy. I am an accredited British Wheel of Yoga teacher, and trained with YogaCampus, the training body of London’s The Life Centre. 


I am lucky to live in the beautiful Surrey countryside, with my husband, two boys and our happy, excitable dog.  I love to get involved in community and firmly believe that the greatest gift of yoga is to create fulfilling relationships (with self and others).  My teaching is from the heart, from my direct experience of yoga and all the continued learning.  I am committed to my own personal growth, and I am completely dedicated to supporting others in finding their own truth so that they may experience happiness, success and love.

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