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Music for bedtime with little people (or weary parents)

I have always loved music, and my kids are no different. I'm also a big fan of guided relaxation audio recordings. When my children were young and struggled to calm down for sleeping, I found gentle music or meditations were so helpful. You'll probably do the usual routine of having a soothing bath, snuggling with a story, and getting comfortable in bed, but if sleep still eludes your child you could try some of my favourites listed here - bear in mind they are my choice (you may have different tastes) and my son is practically teenage so they're not very new! Bedtime Meditation for Kids (Calm Kids), by Christiane Kerr - any of these Calm Kids titles are worth trying, Christiane's voice

Taking Yoga Outdoors

I am absolutely loving our outdoors yoga sessions this summer! Here's five good reasons to take your practice outdoors. 1. We hone our focus and become more attentive, with deeper harmonious breathing, creating mental focus and bringing our awareness back into the body, to become more present. 2. Our senses are really heightened outside, stimulated by the varying scents, vibrant colours, sounds of nature and touch sensations like breeze on skin and softness of grass underfoot. It’s so overwhelming that there is almost nowhere else we can be but the here and now, which allows us to let go of anything else which was in the mind, empowering the yoga practice. 3. Our Prana is amplified, bein

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