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Let the beauty of yoga transform your life. Work with me to focus on the unique and individual requirements of your body and energy. Together we can explore what works for you, whatever your goals:

to develop a deeper awareness of the body, build strength and mobility, tackle fundamental points of alignment, create emotional stability, or a curiosity to see what might unfold.

Yoga that suits you where you are today. 

Private group classes can be arranged.

Corporate classes - contact me to discuss your needs.

"Louise stresses all the time that yoga is a personal journey not a collective, competitive race; some want a physical reward whilst others aim for a more spiritual gain. I feel I am more concerned with the spiritual path but the physical effects are an added bonus, a wonderful holistic experience. I have a calmer, more balanced attitude to life and have noticed my ability to cope with daily stresses has improved.

After major back surgery a number of years ago I was concerned I would not be able to participate in most of the positions, at first this was the case but now I can achieve far more showing both my flexibility and core strength has improved.

Louise encourages her students to centre on being self confident, strong and whole with mantras during the session. I have taken this to heart and commenced in kick starting my ceramics business from a hobby to a more commercial footing, no more being put off by others or my own self doubt. Thank you Louise."  Nicky 

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