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Finding your roots during pregnancy: getting grounded with muladhara chakra.

Yoga is a practice which integrates all aspects of what it is to be human, creating balance physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Valuable anytime, but especially during pregnancy. Many of us often feel disconnected to our bodies, the result of living in this modern world where we’re encouraged to to think ALL the time! Yoga helps us to bring everything together, to enjoy moving and breathing, reconnecting to ourselves.

In yoga we refer to different layers of our human experience; aside from the body systems and mind, we also have an energy body. In yoga or Ayurveda, this energy is referred to as prana, and it’s the life force in everything. In Chinese medicine it’s called chi or qi. Energy flows through the body like rivers, and the chakras store energy. When chakras and energy are in balance, there is vitality and harmony in the body-mind. Consider how your energy fluctuates or what your normal experience is, at both ends of the spectrum. Lethargic, low energy, drained or having negative thoughts and low mood. Or being wired, excited, inspired or overthinking. Can you relate to either experience?

This multidimensional approach is especially useful as we look ahead to birth. For labour and birth to progress well, you need to feel safe and well supported in order to relax and stay calm. From an energetic viewpoint, grounded, and comfortable in your body.

Grounding energy is largely influenced by muladhara chakra, located at the base of the spine, it’s our root support or foundation and governs the primal urges: food, sleep, sex, birthing and self-preservation. Muladhara chakra is all about how we feel in the body, and getting our most basic needs met.

Postures which balance the root chakra include foot strengthening and stretching, strong standing poses, squats, and leg stretches. Mindful walking is a fantastic way to feel grounded, good for your body and good for your head. We know that how we breathe affects how we feel emotionally, mentally and energetically, so we use diaphragmatic breathing or pelvic floor awareness to connect us to our base of support and help us feel calm. Next time you’re feeling anxious, stop and check in with how you’re breathing. It’s likely to be shallow, and a bit restricted to the upper chest. When we’re in that ‘fight & flight’ response, we are usually very ungrounded. To bring ourselves back to earth, it’s good to breathe low and slow, lengthening the exhalation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, calming and soothing ourselves.

During pregnancy you have the perfect opportunity to get to know your body and adapt positively to all the changes. When you do your yoga practice, try to switch off the reactive thoughts, and instead, notice how it feels. It begins with an awareness of what it is to be grounded in the body, rather than ‘in your head’ or overthinking. We need strong foundations to feel secure and safe, so start with building confidence and strength in the physical body. This opens up our ability to relax and be still. Reflect on how your body tells you when it needs food, water or warmth and that the body has its own innate intelligence. Birth is an instinctive and primal proces, begin to build trust that you body knows how to grow your baby and knows how to birth.

When muladhara chakra is unbalanced, there could be physical, mental or energetic holding patterns, causing anxiety and fear, nightmares, or physiological issues with the colon, bladder, back, legs or feet. Certain factors may affect our ability to feel the body, trust the body, or trust ourselves. Past traumas including early childhood and birth traumas or difficult relationships can influence our sense of safety. I encourage you to be kind to yourself as you read all this. If something feels triggering or concerning please seek help, this is a time to take as much support as you need.

During pregnancy, and whilst preparing for birth, think about how you get your own basic needs met; nutrition, hydration, shelter, safety, and emotional support. As you plan for birth and the immediate postnatal period, you may like to journal on the points below. I hope that this process supports you, and feels nurturing and nourishing. Now is the perfect time to come home to yourself.

Root Chakra Affirmations:

“I am connected to the earth. I am strong and stable.”

“I love my body and trust it’s wisdom.”

“I am here, I am safe.”

Enquiry & Journalling Exercise

Our experiences create beliefs, can cause fears, and shape the way we behave. Journal on these points to discover more about your beliefs.

  • How do you feel about your body during pregnancy?

  • What or who makes you feel safe and secure: in your home, friends or family, rituals or behaviours.

  • What would help you to feel safe and supported during birth? Think about who will support you and what the environment will be like.

  • Write down any fears you have about pregnancy, birth or motherhood.

  • Find out about your own birth, and the first few months of your life.

  • Previous births: what happened and what did they teach you about birth. Did you feel unsupported, or not empowered?

  • How does your partner feel about birth, or any previous experiences of birth?


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