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Finding your roots during pregnancy: getting grounded with muladhara chakra.

Yoga is a practice which integrates all aspects of what it is to be human, creating balance physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Valuable anytime, but especially during pregnancy. Many of us often feel disconnected to our bodies, the result of living in this modern world where we’re encouraged to to think ALL the time! Yoga helps us to bring everything together, to enjoy moving and breathing, reconnecting to ourselves.

In yoga we refer to different layers of our human experience; aside from the body systems and mind, we also have an energy body. In yoga or Ayurveda, this energy is referred to as prana, and it’s the life force in everything. In Chinese medicine it’s called chi or qi. Energy flows through the body like rivers, and the chakras store energy. When chakras and energy are in balance, there is vitality and harmony in the body-mind. Consider how your energy fluctuates or what your normal experience is, at both ends of the spectrum. Lethargic, low energy, drained or having negative thoughts and low mood. Or being wired, excited, inspired or overthinking. Can you relate to either experience?