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Rest & Rise Rooted- women's workshop

somatic movement, restorative yoga, envisioning growth


Sunday 24th March 2-4pm

Shackleford GU8, Surrey

A beautiful workshop to bring you home to yourself, and envision the metaphorical seeds you'd like to plant for creating the life you desire. 

This session is scheduled close to the Spring equinox (March 20th), when the day and night are an equal length. Traditionally people would gather and celebrate fertility, birth and new beginnings. At this time of year, you may experience your creative energy rising, an elevated mood and increased desire to be more out in the world. 

If we feel depleted, tired or stressed it's hard to know what we want, or have the energy to get into action. In this workshop we'll investigate how energy may be depleted, and explore practices to bring balance. 

We'll use simple movement, breathing practices, restorative yoga, mindfulness meditation and personal enquiry to facilitate deep inner listening. You'll come home to yourself.  Aside from your experience on the day, you'll leave with kind and simple techniques that you weave into everyday life. 


This will be an engaging and experiential time to return to your heart and consider what's calling you forward.

We'll conclude with an invitation to stay for tea & cake, where together we can reflect and share our learning and intentions. 

This session is suitable for all women at any stage of life, no yoga experience is needed.

“Louise’s deep rest restorative yoga class was exactly what I needed. It was the best gift I could give to myself as a new mum, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I felt a deep sense of calm, stillness and self nourishment after the practice. Louise creates an incredibly welcoming and supportive space and makes you feel ‘held’ and nurtured throughout the practice. I’ve practiced yoga on and off for 15 years and this is one of the best classes/workshops I’ve ever done.” Ruby, October 2022

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