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Women's Yoga Monthly Workshop

The workshops will be back soon!

The women's yoga sessions are a wonderful opportunity to learn, relax, feel fabulous, reconnect with a sense of wholeness and meet other women.  These workshops tend to sell out, so advise booking early if you'd like to come. 

Whether you are prenatal, postnatal, on a fertility journey, menopausal, or just navigating normal life and in need of a pick-me-up.  Nourish your body, ease out tired and aching muscles, build physical strength from the inside out by learning simple movements for core and strength and pelvic floor health.  We will explore breathing practices to shift negative energy and emotions.  Experience deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra for healing calming the nervous system.  

“A wonderful session, I really really enjoyed it!  I really liked the format of slowly building towards the more energetic sequences. It was so well paced - with enough time to balance self reflection, breathing practice and really lovely postures.  Just time for me. And that is so needed!  I feel so much more energised and happy!” Hannah x

"Yoga was absolutely perfect, thank you.  It really filled my cup! My body and mind both felt very grateful afterwards.  Also I'd had a numbness in my leg since pregnant due to a trapped nerve in my hip.  No one had managed to get to it until now, and since your yoga workshop it's really helped to shift it.  Thank you!"  Alice x

"Was great to build up pelvic and core strength so that I can work back up to where I was again."