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Happy New Year!

Reflections and Intentions

New Year - a fresh page, opportunities to explore new ways of being. At this time of year I relish taking time out to look back and reflect on what has passed. I try to embrace all the events, good and bad, which ultimately teach me things. Slowing down and allowing quiet reflection will create space for new intentions to arise. In yoga we often hear about setting intentions. The Sanskrit word for intention is Sankalpa, which is a representation of a desire or positive thought that you want to manifest in the world, a promise you make to yourself. "The sankalpa really describes who we are are and how we move in the world when we're in harmony with ourselves" (Richard Miller). During quiet contemplation or meditation listen carefully to what you most deeply desire, the heartfelt feelings you have, often those which pop up when we are doing something we love or in company of those we love (when we feel connected to something greater). You could try this exercise - ask yourself these questions: What has worked well this year? What has been wonderful? What am I proud of? What aspect of myself have I loved? What do I want to let go of? What do I want to call in for the New Year? What do I most desire? Rather than the traditional new year resolutions often founded in misguided desires of the ego, whereby happiness depends on acquiring something else; an effective sankalpa springs from the knowledge that you are already whole and complete, there is nothing lacking and nothing needs to be fixed. The sankalpa could be a statement of who you are, such as "I am whole" or "I am peaceful". Or it could be a more specific intention to focus on directing energy towards making progress on larger life goals. To word an effective intention.... Phrase in present tense, state the positive, keep it concise, choose something that resonates with you. Examples: "I am whole and complete" "I am strong and happy", "Compassion is my true nature", "I prosper wherever I turn". Identify that quality or desire, rooted in the values most important to you. When the intention is set, use actions that reflect that intention to help evolve into your best self. As the Upanishads state (ancient yogic texts) "You are your deepest desire (sankalpa). As is your desire so is your intention. As is your intention so is your will. As is your will so is your deed. As is your deed so is your destiny".

I look forward to sharing yoga with you this year, so that you may continue to feel radiant, whole, strong and happy. Warmest wishes,


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