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I offer online classes and 1-1 sessions - if you can't see a suitable class on my booking page, email me to discuss your needs.

During pregnancy yoga helps you to balance your emotions, and reinforce a sense of confidence in your body’s ability grow and birth your baby.  You will learn important and valuable tools for birth preparation.


Group classes are usually offered as a course so that we can build and add different practices each week, and you get to know the other women. Partial attendance is available for those who's EDD comes before the end of the course, or if baby arrives you can roll on credit to the postnatal class. 


I will guide you through various postures to keep your body strong and mobile during pregnancy, and prepare your body for birth, however that birth may unfold.  We will look at movement and positions to encourage your baby to be optimally positioned, whilst looking ahead to positions and techniques which may help during labour and birth.  Breathing and relaxation techniques will always be included. 


Classes suitable from 13 weeks until baby is born.  Please contact me by email if you have any questions, very happy to help.

If you're experiencing financial hardship, please email me in confidence.

I am a birth and postnatal doula, and provide support for women throughout  pregnancy, labour and birth and the postnatal period.   I will provide emotional, practical and informational support to help you have the most positive experience of birth and mothering.  

Please get in touch with me for an informal chat.

One-to-one sessions at your home in Surrey (Guildford area) or via Skype / Zoom are also available. 

Online class feedback "Approachable, friendly, inclusive, responsive to the students in the class and what they need from one class to the next, always willing to connect and provide additional support and resources individually, each class plan is slightly different with a different focus which I love. I also absolutely love the balance of asanas and flow and movement with the mudras and pranayama and relaxation practices.  Great virtual yoga classes for all levels. Really inclusive and welcoming and friendly. I've actually preferred these classes to the pregnancy yoga glasses I was doing before lockdown and am so grateful and relieved I found you and your classes. It has been a life saver through the social isolation, both for my physical body and emotionally. I look forward to the classes every week."  Ruby

"Louise's yoga classes have given me an opportunity to move and stretch my changing body, time to focus on this second baby plus lots more. Louise creates a really nourishing environment that allows you to focus on yourself, space to let go of anxieties, time to repeat positive affirmations, all whilst moving and stretching your body. I leave class feeling more comfortable inside and out and really positive. It's such a combination of beneficial practices for body and mind. I would definitely recommend Louise's antenatal classes and I look forward to carrying on my yoga practice with Louise after the baby has arrived. I'm a convert!"  Michelle

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