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Doula Services: Birth and Postnatal

A  doula’s role is to provide emotional and practical support for the birthing woman and her family.   The doula will nurture the woman in pregnancy, provide comfort during birth, and be there for them in the days or weeks to follow.  Studies have shown that having continuous support from the same person can reduce the need for pain relief and intervention, with better outcomes for mums and babies.


If you’re considering a doula, I’m happy to chat and provide more information, with no obligation.  Once we’ve spoken on the phone, we would meet in person to see if I’m a good fit for you.  There is a doula for everyone! 

Send me an email or give me a call!


What I can offer as a doula:


After many years of teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga, I felt called to work as a doula.  I wanted to support couples during the birthing time, and in the early weeks postnatally.  I have been fortunate in my teaching to work with hundreds of women, guiding them throughout their own pregnancy journey, and beyond with their babies in my postnatal classes.  I’ve seen just about every physical adaptation of pregnancy, including challenges like pelvic instability, pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis-recti. I’ve marvelled at the bio-mechanics of the pelvis and learnt how to encourage mobilisation and movement to support optimal foetal positioning for physiological birth.


I am hugely passionate about supporting women to have the most positive experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.   There is no blueprint, each person is unique, and each journey into birth and parenting will be different.  My experience with yoga has taught me the importance of getting to know yourself, who you are and what your needs are, so you can think about what’s right for you.  This instils a quiet confidence, so that however the birth unfolds, you can adapt, adjust and accommodate to changing situations.


Preparation is key.  I have run many couples birth preparation workshops, where we look at the physiology of birth, delve into your own thoughts and possible fears, and become clear about your wishes.  It’s extremely helpful to empower the birthing partners with practical techniques for comforting.  I can teach you valuable breathing and relaxation techniques, the cornerstone of hypno-birthing, important for everyone in the birthing environment.  Breathing well is everything.  These are not only techniques for birth, but techniques for life.


I understand and have compassion and patience for those affected by anxiety or depression.  Especially in this modern time, when life is so busy, and families are often far away, it’s important to build your support network.  When you learn to work safely with your doubts and fears, however big, you really can become stronger, calmer and grounded.


When we look at the time of pregnancy and birth as an opportunity to learn new things and make new connections, real magic happens.  The relationship with a doula supports you to look at your own needs and desires.  How you approach birth and your choices are personal to you, and as a doula I am happy to support your wishes.


My intention and purpose is to be a steady presence, offer unbiased support, and unconditional love, in order for you to find your own inner wisdom and strength.  For you, you family and your baby.



The Birth Doula Package:


  • Introductory meeting at mutually convenient location (usually up to 1 hour).

  • Two x 2 hours ante-natal/birth preparation sessions at your home with your partner before the birth.

  • Contact by phone, text or email for support between our meetings.

  • Resource suggestions: reading list, website list, articles and birth preparation material.

  • Aromatherapy oil blend for massage use during labour.

  • I'll be “on call” from 38 - 42 weeks, 24 hours a day until after your baby has been born.

  • One postnatal visit, usually within a week after your baby is born.  At this session we will debrief your birth journey, and look at feeding, help you settle into life with your baby, discuss simple techniques to promote healing, plus any other questions.  

  • Support by phone, email or text in the early days, for questions about the postnatal period, your baby, breastfeeding and your healing. 

Contact me to discuss prices

Additional Services 

  • Discount on private yoga sessions (pregnancy and postnatal).

  • Group pregnancy and postnatal classes

  • Audio recordings of relaxation scripts, for anytime prenatally or postnatally.

  • "Closing the Bones” postnatal massage.

  • Baby massage tuition. 



Postnatal Doula Support


I would usually start working with a family in the first few months after birth, but it could be later.  As your postnatal doula I provide emotional, practical and informational support.  I am there for the whole family, for example, looking after the baby whilst the mother gets some rest, helping with siblings, cooking nourishing meals, running errands or doing light housework.  Whatever is needed to help the family relax and have a positive experience of life with a new baby.  I will debrief your birth experience. I have a particular interest in how the mother is healing physically, offering guidance on simple practices for postnatal recovery.  In addition I can suggest techniques to help you with overwhelm, tiredness, anxiety or depression.

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