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Postnatal Yoga for Mum and Baby

Yoga for mother and baby - is it for me?

All women are welcome, you can expect a fun, welcoming an uplifting class! Having a baby and becoming a mother is life-changing. Your body feels very different, and there are new mental and emotional challenges. This class is designed to be supportive, help you to heal and restore your body, do something positive for your mind and energy, and encourage bonding and fun with your baby. Whether you are navigating life with your first baby, or performing a great juggling act with many children, whether cruising through motherhood, winging it, or hanging in rags - everyone is welcome and no yoga experience is necessary. I know my own children have benefited from yoga, and it's helped me enormously physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically - which is why I teach.

When can I come?

Generally I advise starting around 6-8 weeks postnatally. If you’re still healing from a cesarean you should take medical advice, perhaps wait until 10-12 weeks. You absolutely can come earlier than 6-8 weeks if you’re keen to get out of the house and be with other women. It’s so good to be in a supportive environment. Ideally you'll enjoy a long baby-moon at home, and enjoy quiet time with your immediate family, but as soon as you’re up and about, it’s a great time to join postnatal yoga. This class is suitable for babies up to crawling, when they are mobile it's best attending a class for parent & toddler.

What a class looks like....

I will guide you through a range of techniques for both you AND your baby. We begin with fundamental breathing techniques for mums to heal and restore, and then incorporate appropriate yoga postures for strength, energy and relaxation. I include simple movements and massage techniques for the babies, to assist their development and enable you both to relax. We sing some fun songs, the class is very interactive and spontaneous.

A bit more about postnatal yoga....

Physically the first steps need to be gentle and appropriate, treating the body as a whole, rather than only looking at pelvic and abdominal muscles. It is about starting from the inside: working with breathing techniques and gentle movements to reconnect the diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles and spine. With proper guidance, tension is alleviated, the ribs and pelvis are realigned, and the pelvic floor muscles can be safely toned. This class is safe and appropriate if you have diastasis recti or any other postnatal healing issue. Attention to physical alignment and mindful breathing can make feeding, lifting, carrying, changing nappies and pushing the buggy all opportunities to improve your posture and to increase your fitness and strength. Basic postnatal routines will help you to stretch out aching muscles and improve suppleness. This will increase your sense of wellbeing, so that you can enjoy meeting the challenges of motherhood.

More information on baby yoga.....

Babies respond so well to your loving touch, it increases their sense of security and wellbeing, promotes non-verbal communication, and helps you to feel confident in holding and handling your baby, attuning to your baby’s needs. I encourage you to be guided by your baby, nothing is forced, and everything is done as relaxed play. Simple stretches, poses and massage techniques will soothe your baby, encourage your baby to release physiological flexion and promote good circulation. Tummy time helps to strengthen the baby’s back and increase spinal flexibility. Gentle hip sequences promote flexibility in the pelvic joints, while extending and relaxing the lower back and abdominal muscles. These sequences can also help to alleviate wind and constipation. I will offer a variety of options for babies of all developmental stages, from early weeks to sitting and crawling. There are many giggles and babies love the class!

What if my baby is unsettled, doesn’t feed well or needs to sleep?

Of course you can’t predict how your baby will be during class, please don't worry, and your baby is not expected to be quiet or compliant! If your baby is sleeping you can focus on yourself, they can rest alongside you, and I’ll offer plenty of suggestions for postnatal recovery. It’s completely fine to feed or change your baby during the class. When you are feeding, you are still able to participate in breathing practices, and you’ll learn much from being in the room, watching others, and being in a beautiful supportive environment. Babies are often sleeping by the end of the class!

The postnatal classes have been restorative for me and so much fun for my baby too! Even if you and your baby are having a bad day, Louise will show you how to adapt the class for your own well being and your baby’s temperament. I cannot recommend or thank Louise enough for her support and thoughtful class content throughout the past 18 months!” Clare

“I have been going to Louise's mum & baby yoga with my little boy since he was two months has been the highlight of both our week's! Louise's calm presence and nurturing approach help me to be kinder to myself and go at my own pace, something I take with me into the week, not just with the yoga moves themselves. My little boy also loves the atmosphere, baby songs and activities, and we always leave feeling calm and contented. I can highly recommend this class!” Emma

How do I book and what’s the cost?

Check the booking page for up to date information on group classes.

I also offer group classes or individual sessions on a private basis, please get in touch to discuss, you may like to organise your own group with friends.

I'm a birth and postnatal doula, and I teach baby massage. Feel free to chat to me about any of these services.

I still have a few questions....

Get in touch! I'm always happy to talk yoga, or babies! Send me an email and hope I can help.

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