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In recent years I have been working with avid golfers (men and women) to share the many gifts yoga offers. The physical, mental and life lessons of yoga are a great correlation to the game of golf, and I have seen fantastic results. Using an integrated approach the yoga techniques will help to build flexibility, strength, core stability and balance. Breath awareness is fundamental, training you to become fully aware of present moment and enter a state of flow. Visualisation and meditation are essential tools to build focus and concentration. Enhance your life and your game with the teachings of yoga.

1:1 sessions are recommended, or contact me to discuss group sessions.

Client Testimonial, November 2016

When I was 45 all the usual and various aches, pains and injuries were becoming all too apparent so I realised something needed to be done. Furthermore, I am an avid golfer who was becoming increasingly frustrated at my inhibited range of motion. 


After regular weekly yoga sessions my flexibility and range of motion has improved no end. In fact, Michael Dalgleish (a pre-eminent physiotherapist and world renowned Golf Body Dynamics practitioner) has praised my yoga sessions and stated: “ Must maintain weekly Yoga which has no doubt improved range of motion”


In addition to increased flexibility, all my former aches and pains have vanished (particularly back pain) and, especially on a Tuesday morning after my Monday session, I find that getting up in the morning is easier than ever before. I have also been surprisingly injury-free over the last few years and Louise’s sessions are a major contributor.


An unexpected but pleasant surprise has been the improvement in my strength and core stability. Louise has been extremely patient in focussing on these aspects and the use of natural body weight and resistance seems to me to be more effective in building lean muscle mass than any dumbbell and heavy duty weight-lifting session! My balance and spatial awareness has also improved no end.


I have always enjoyed pushing myself both physically and mentally. That said, I have been amazed at the dynamism of a yoga work-out. 1.5 hours of yoga leaves you as tired (in every sense) as any exercise I have ever done. It’s a great combination of a tough physical workout (never before did I realise how much you can sweat and be challenged by moving so little!) and an intellectual exercise in focussing mind and body on one of the most important aspects- the breath.


 I have also found Yoga of terrific benefit in the workplace. It has given me more energy and an ability to improve focus.


I would say that golf and yoga are the perfect combination in that both require huge focus and a certain degree of athleticism. The biomechanics of the golf swing and various yoga poses seem to be complimentary and pose similar challenges. Working with Louise over the last few years has allowed me to compete at a different level. I find that Louise has the perfect combination of patience, persistence and perfection. If you would like to  take up/improve your yoga for its own sake, Louise would be a perfect instructor. If you would like to improve your golf game, Louise is indispensable.

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