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Somatic Self Care

6 week group course - currently full, waiting list open
restorative practices for women

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Self-care is more than just taking a night off and a warm bath. It's also about how we relate to ourselves, and how we choose to engage in relationships and organise our time.


In a fast paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the slipstream of information overload, working hard, being busy and putting everyone else's needs before our own. This can lead to overwhelm, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, low mood, and a lack of clarity about the direction we are heading in. 


By returning our attention to embodied practices, we begin the process of deepening self awareness and self compassion. We take a journey from outer world pressures to inner world kindness and care.

This is a comprehensive restorative course exploring a wide variety of tools and techniques so that you can find the most appropriate pathway for a personal practice. Everything can be adapted to suit your personal needs beyond the course. These practices are deeply nourishing, and initiate a sense of peace, fulfilment and joy.


These quieter introspective practices help us to become more responsive to life's challenges rather than reactive, thereby empowering self trust and self confidence.

What's included


Gentle movement

Mobilise your body, connect to embodied wisdom, understand your body's changing needs.



Explore breathing techniques to balance your nervous system, create mental & emotional stability, and elevate your mood.



Simple techniques to implement in daily life, creating mental clarity and freedom. Learn how to establish a personal practice.


Restorative Yoga

The use of props to create comfort and ease in your body, facilitating deep relaxation and improved health & wellbeing. 


Yoga Nidra

A form of guided relaxation which is deeply restorative and has the potential to awaken creativity. 


Personal Inquiry

By action and reflection, both privately and in the group, you'll outline your own ongoing self-care pathway. 



Course delivery & content:


  • weekly live Zoom classes

  • pre-recorded video and audio library to support the weekly teachings.

  • prompts & information in line with the themes.

  • community chat closed Facebook group, to share experiences & ask questions.


waiting list for next course

I am so impressed with your approach, sensitivity and care.  It was like having a warm blanket surrounding and enveloping me.  A wonderful calming and restorative session, especially appreciated as my life has been difficult these last few years.  Your sensitivity and understanding gave me a stronger sense of not just the need to consider myself but that it is essential and not self centered. 

Katie Wells

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