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Yoga works with the mind-body connection, helping you on your journey of greater understanding, compassion and healing.  Therapeutic sequences are designed to help support menstruation, pre-menstrual tension, menstrual pain, and fertility.  The yoga practices can greatly enhance the flow of energy and circulation, boost the immune system, improve functioning of the endocrine and reproductive systems, assist balancing hormone levels, alleviate stress and anxiety and help you to reconnect with your intuitive wisdom. 


Yoga can greatly support women or couples who are trying to conceive, either naturally or through assisted reproductive techniques.  The fertility journey can be overwhelming, yoga can help women to get back in touch with thier bodies in a positive way. Learn how to reduce stress, release physical tension and help to promote mental and emotional stability.  


We will use a variety of yoga postures (asana), gestures (mudra), breath (pranayama), deep relaxation techniques and heart based meditations such as yoga nidra, to promote healthy menstruation and optimise fertility.


Sessions can be offered on a one to one basis, or for couples, or groups of women.  


Please contact me to discuss.

"Louise has been supporting me through one-to-one yoga sessions for the last 6 months. Our focus has been to re-balance my body and mind to support me in trying to have a baby. She is a phenomenal teacher and coach and she has a deep understanding of the female body, mind and soul. She has encouraged me to notice and adapt my yoga practice around my own cycles which has been incredibly beneficial to me in this difficult journey. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise to anyone who wants to bring balance to their life through yoga and meditation, whatever their age or stage in life."

Kirsty, January 2020

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