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menopause workshop

Saturday 2nd July, Shackleford GU8 6AE

your journey towards, through and beyond menopause


Who is this for?

Women who are in peri-menopause or post menopause, or women who would like to understand more and prepare for the menopause transition.


What is the purpose of this workshop?

Our intention is to educate, excite and enlighten women about the menopause transition. To shine a light on they myths, the mystery and the magnificence of the menopause. Sharing practical tools for experiencing a positive menopause.

What to expect

We will create a welcoming, safe and nurturing space, where information can be shared, questions can be asked, inner enquiry can happen and helpful processes and tools can be explored.

  • the societal history of menopause

  • how to support menopausal symptoms, including self care techniques

  • understanding the physiological, emotional and spiritual processes

  • exploring nourishing movement, relaxation & meditations techniques

  • connection, tea & chat with other midlife women

when & where

Venue: Shackleford village hall, GU8 6AE (free parking)

10am - 4pm. Please bring a packed lunch, we will provide snacks & drinks

£95 booked before 6th May, thereafter £110

limited places available

more information....

Menopause is a naturally occurring event and can be life-altering as your body and spirit undergo a radical transformation, yet so much is unknown, feared or misunderstood. Thankfully now more women are talking about the menopause, there is less taboo and shame. All transitions are challenging, and the journey through menopause can be bumpy at times, with experiences varying hugely from woman to woman. Your own menopause experience is unique to you, and valid. Your own approach is best, menopause really is an inside job, nobody else can tell you what to do, or do it for you. With information you can feel empowered to make choices and by integrating self care and self awareness practices you can be guided by your inner feelings and intuitions. Listening to yourself and respecting yourself is key to avoiding overwhelm and understanding which information is relevant for you.

We hope that by participating in this workshop you will be more informed and able to reflect on what you have learned, validate your own relationship to the menopause, and have tools and techniques for practising self care to help you manage challenges and access the positive gifts of the menopause. 


Hilary Lewin is a Director, Educator and Practitioner at the Abdominal Therapy Collective. She is one of the original Founders of Doula U.K. and dedicated over a decade to supporting new families and their birth process. 

As an international speaker she has presented across the USA and  Europe on the subjects of menopause and menstruation. She works with people at all stages of life and her book ‘Menopause. Your Brilliant, Bloodless Revolution’ is due for publication in summer 2022. Hilary brings compassion and humour to all her work and is a firm believer that laughter is truly the best medicine.


Louise Rogers is a yoga and meditation teacher supporting women through the transitions of pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. Louise is a birth and postnatal doula and has supported women and families for 10 years. She loves to hold space for learning, healing and personal development, and is passionate about teaching groups through workshops and transformational retreats.

She is driven by the belief that every woman has the capacity to access deep inner wisdom and power so she can live the life that was meant for her. Louise works with compassion and kindness to create communities where women can support and empower each other.

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