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Day Retreat

A chance to pause, gain understanding, find clarity and feel empowered as we explore practical techniques for creating a positive menopause transition. 

your journey towards
your brilliant second spring

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Who is this for?

Women who are in peri-menopause or post menopause, or women who would like to understand more and prepare for the menopause transition.


What is the purpose of this workshop?

The intention is to educate, enlighten and reassure women about the menopause transition and explore practical techniques and tips. Shining a light on they myths and the gifts of the menopause, our discussions will include typical symptoms and helpful protocols, nutrition, movement, sleep, emotional and psychological changes.  Importantly, you'll practice and learn self-care techniques to help regulate your nervous system, which is crucial for maintaining health and wellbeing. 

What to expect

We will create a welcoming, safe and nurturing space, where information can be shared, questions can be asked, inner enquiry can happen and helpful processes and tools can be explored. A delicious plant based lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided.   

  • how to support menopausal symptoms, including self care techniques

  • understanding the physiological, emotional and spiritual processes

  • exploring nourishing movement, relaxation & meditation techniques

  • connection, delicious food & chat with other midlife women

  • time to dream and vision a creative and inspiring future

  • feel equipped with lifestyle measures that really work



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Outline Schedule for the Day





Opening circle, to outline intentions for the day.

There will be discussion on the physiological changes during peri-menopause and we’ll also consider a wider perspective; the emotional, psychological and spiritual shifts related to this phase of life. With this in mind, we’ll explore important pillars for health, and outline some holistic protocols that really work to alleviate symptoms and and bring balance. There will be a strong emphasis on nervous system regulation as a bedrock for whatever lifestyle measures you choose. Each woman is different and therefore will have a unique menopause experience. It’s our intention to provide information, signposting to trusted resources, and create a safe and welcoming space where you can ask questions and feel empowered to focus on the most appropriate lifestyle plan for you personally.



Practice - slow somatic movement & breathing practices to ease tension, incorporating pelvic awareness as gateway into wider wellbeing. (no previous experience needed)



Lunch, including discussion on nutritional considerations for midlife and beyond.



Understanding your nervous system; how to minimise stress and create conditions of calm day to day, improving energy levels, cognition and sleep. 



Restorative yoga & guided relaxation. Practice and learn simple poses and techniques which you can recreate at home. 



tea break



Reclaiming pleasure and joy: practice, group discussion and individual enquiry to help you sense into an inspiring vision for your post menopause life. An invitation to outline your everyday action plan.



closing circle including meditation.

Louise will provide take home written information, and encourages note taking. She will also follow up with any relevant resources to support your ongoing personal practice. 

more information....

Menopause is a time of great change. Whilst thankfully there is much more information about physiological changes, what’s often missing is a deeper discussion about the emotional, psychological and spiritual shifts. Menopause is a natural life event, as important as menstruation and pregnancy, and is an opportunity to step into greater power, wisdom and creativity. This retreat day will provide time to relax, connect more deeply with your own needs, discuss common challenges, gain practical tools to regulate your nervous system, and instil inspiration to help you journey into the second half of life with greater ease.


Whether you choose to use HRT or not, yoga and related tools enable a deeper connection to our true self (outside of the roles we play in life), which means we have greater agency to decide what we need and why. Women are often faced with increased life challenges in midlife, and coupled with the instability of fluctuating hormones it can feel like we’re on shaky ground. Framing menopause as something to be feared is counter-productive, undermining our psychological and emotional wellbeing. This retreat day will give you space to connect with your intuitive wisdom, build self-trust and help you create a foundation of practical tools for your positive, happy and transformational menopause.

About Louise

Louise Rogers is a yoga and meditation teacher supporting women through the transitions of pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. Louise is a birth and postnatal doula and has taught women and families for 12 years and practised yoga for 30 years. Aged 53, she has experienced the challenges and opportunities presented by this time of life, and is proud to have has studied and qualified with with many incredible and inspiring menopause experts. In a hyper busy and often stressed world, she understands the importance of deep rest and inner inquiry to facilitate reconnection individual meaning and purpose. 

She loves to hold space for learning, healing and personal development, and is passionate about teaching groups in workshops and transformational retreats. She is driven by the belief that every woman has the capacity to access deep inner wisdom and power so she can live the life that was meant for her.  Louise works with compassion and kindness to create communities where women can support and empower each other.


join us....

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