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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

6 week online group course for women
Mondays 13th May to 17th June
Live online 19:30 - 20:45 BST

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You’ll learn mindfulness skills and tools, develop the framework for establishing a regular meditation practice and explore how the practices of mindfulness and compassion can transform your life.


In our fast paced society it’s easy to lose touch with ourselves, and what matters most. A world designed to distract us and keep us busy can leave us feeling depleted, flat, anxious, overwhelmed or cut off from our heartfelt desires. 


When we slow down and connect to the present moment we see that our lived experience is created from how we interact with the world, through our thoughts, feelings and actions. We have normalised the experience of being tugged around by the urge to keep up, the ups and downs of our emotions or the detachment from our inner guidance.


Life takes over, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can live more fully and authentically, reclaiming vibrancy, aliveness, peace and joy. We often forget or completely miss the sheer beauty that’s available to us in our ordinary everyday lives. The colours of nature, the taste of delicious food, the smile from a passer by, the miracle of our breath.


Poet and writer John O’Donohue says that “We’re so busy managing our lives that we cover over this great mystery that we’re involved with”.


Just as we exercise our bodies, we can train our hearts and minds to experience more well-being. The basic training is really simple, it’s a training in presence. We cultivate a clear, kind attention, a relaxed attentiveness to what’s right here. 

Through compassion practices we can learn how to be ok with our human messiness and struggles, how to tend to difficulty with increased skill and kindness, so we are better able to respond to life as it is. 

With the holding of the group environment we can learn together, see that we are all so similar, flawed and imperfect, and help each other wake up to the possibility of greater freedom. Having a supportive community is invaluable.

The techniques I teach are based on Insight Meditation (or Vipassana: literally translated as ‘seeing deeply or clearly’) which is the practice of developing a calm and mindful investigation to the nature of experience, leading to wisdom, compassion and the end of suffering.


I'd love you to join me in this path towards greater peace and freedom.

What's included


Introduction to mindfulness meditation.

The power of mindfulness, common misconceptions about meditation, and techniques for getting started.


Being fully human: mindfulness of emotions.

Skilfully working with the highs and lows of life, embracing applied self-compassion.


The wise heart.

Exploring the heart qualities: lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity and gratitude.


Mindfulness of the body.

How to work with the body and the breath to deepen presence. Exploring themes of change and impermanence.


Working with thoughts
and beliefs.

Gaining greater clarity on patterns of thinking, using compassion and  non-judgemental awareness in working with thoughts and beliefs.


Bringing your practice into the world.

Practical tips around establishing a formal meditation practice, application of mindfulness in daily life.

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Course delivery & content:


  • Weekly live online classes.

  • Each session includes introduction to the weekly theme, guided meditation practice, questions and answers.

  • Recorded meditation to support daily self-practice.

  • Closed online group to share personal insights.


Small cohort to provide feedback upon completion.

Please email with any questions:

"During a time of personal crisis Louise helped me to realise the value of slowing down and honouring what was here, it has been incredibly beneficial for me. Her peaceful clarity and insightful wisdom have made a real difference in my life."


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